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  • “Dedicated to academic excellence in freedom studies”

    The Declaration of Independence Center for the Study of American Freedom is committed to promoting excellence in freedom studies in all its many facets.

    • What do we mean by “freedom” and “liberty” and how do these compare with our other worthwhile values and goals?
    • How do laws and legal systems promote or stifle freedom?
    • Which political orders are conducive to sustainable liberty?  What are the social preconditions necessary for free societies?
    • Which economic systems promote freedom, and what are the fiscal and monetary policies that best sustain liberty?
    • What is the historical record of freedom?  What are the historical origins of liberty?  What is the history of freedom in America?

    If these and related questions are of interest to you, please contact us and join our group of scholars, students, and community members interested in freedom studies at the University of Mississippi.